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Fishes n’ Ship is a tilt-and-blow sailing mini-game. Placed on your head or in your hand, use a custom-made controller to roam the blue waters and stop by its scannable zones to collect data ! 

⛵ Gameplay⛵

With your little research ship, sail around an archipelago and stop by its scannable zones to collect data.  A little arrow will show you the way to the closest objective, but feel free to take your time to roam the blue waters as there is no time limit. Each scannable zone can be recognized by a halo in which you have to stop for a few seconds. 

The boat can roam freely around the archipelago. To make the exploration relaxing and avoid possible neck fatigue, the scannable zones are spread in an organic way around the islands. 

⛵ How to play⛵

The boat is meant to be controlled by a Joy-Con attached to a headband —or simply held in the hand if preferred— and a microphone.  The game support 2 types of input mode : JoyCon-only, and with microphone. To play with the microphone, blow on it 3 times at the start of the game, and with a JoyCon, tilt it 3 times forward.

Tilt your head left or right to make a turn, and let the wind push you forward by blowing in your microphone! Blow once to push the ship forward, and blow a second time to go even faster!  You will lose speed gradually, so make sure to manage your speed level with care.  

⛵Team ⛵


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